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IMG Nordic 93 Function Trend Leather Sofa

Welcome to FS NORDIC 93, where absolute comfort and quality blend to perfection. FS NORDIC 93 seating exemplifies its Norwegian heritage through elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship. Unquestionably one of the most well-conceived seating groups on the market today, each piece reclines to the perfect angle. NORDIC 93 FS can easily be combined with the NORDIC 93 swivel recliner.


  • ADJUSTABLE HEADREST SYSTEM - Exclusive adjustment system that allows your head and neck to rest in an infinite number of comfort positions.
  • COMFORT GLIDE™ RECLINING SYSTEM - This patented system allows you to effortlessly recline as your heart desires.
  • COLD-CURED FOAM CUSHIONING - This space-age material encases the interior steel frame and sinuous springs, allowing for body-friendly curvatures to be covered with glove-fitted leather or upholstery.
  • THE CHOICE IS YOURS - You can arrange Nordic Function Sofa as 1, 2 or 3 seat option or combine it with the Nordic swivel chair. You also have a choice of leather and micro-fibre upholstery. See your IMG dealer for the many custom options.
  • FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION - Nothing proves this axiom more than the Nordic Function Sofa. Isn’t it time to bring this delightful combination of art and comfort home?


2 Seater - 1420W x 900D x 950-1080H

3 Seater - 1970W x 900W x 950-1080H


  • 10-years warranty – frames
  • 10-years warranty – molded foam
  • 5-years warranty – mechanism
  • 5-years warranty – laminated wood
  • 2-years warranty – power
  • 2-years warranty – leather and fabric
  • 2- years warranty – Workmanship & other materials and components

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