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Lo Lo Adjustable Lift Bed with Cool Balance Mattress

The Lo Lo Adjustable Electric bed with Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg positions offers excellent support for high care patient needs. The Trendelenburg position remains popular in the management of hypertensive (low blood pressure) patients. We recommend the Lo Lo Adjustable bed be used in conjunction with medical consultation/recommendation. The Lo Lo adjustable base is packaged with the Cool Balance Mattress when purchased as an ensemble.

The Lo-Lo is a Mobility focused Adjustable bed that features Trendelenburg positioning as well as sitting very low to the ground in its lowest position. The Lo-Lo is ideal for those transitioning from/to a wheelchair.


  •  Hi-Lo Lift Function
  •  Trendelenburg Positions
  •  Low Point: 260mm (base only)
  •  High Point: 710mm (base only)
  •  Wired Hand Control
  •  180kg weight rated

Available Sizes:

  • Long Single
  • King Single
  • Long Double


  • 10 Year Guarantee on Frame, Motors and Mattress
  • 2 Year Guarantee on Electronics

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